What’s Ruben Amaro, Jr. Thinking?

by Mike on December 15, 2009

Roy Halliday to the Phillies – Cliff Lee to Mariners

Update 12/17/09

The deal is done and the Phillies have Halliday and Cliff Lee is gone. Blanton and Happ are on the Phillies roster for now.

The Phillies lost Kyle Drabek and Michael Taylor. Drabek was supposed to be untouchable. Still, I think it’s a good deal. Here’s why.

The Phillies have Halliday for four years. He signed a 3 year extension. Cliff Lee was apparently interested in testing free agency after the season. Losing Drabek is unfortunate, but the Phillies window of opportunity for another championship is next year.

Amaro is attempting to play for the long-term, but I see the team declining after next season.  If Hamels comes back to form, the Phillies will compete for three consecutive World Series appearances.

Original Post

I’ve been a Phillies fan for about 50 years, but less avid over time. Still, I’ve enjoyed their success of the past few years.

Now, baseball is about to see a blockbuster trade of historic proportions. It appears that Roy Halladay will be pitching for the Phillies next year, but I’m sad to see Cliff Lee on his way out. Cliff did a great job for the Phillies at the end of last year.

The reports are saying that Joe Blanton and J.A. Happ may be going to Toronto as part of the deal. If that’s the case, I’m puzzled. At the end of the year; Cole Hamels, Blanton, Lee, Happ and Pedro Martinez were the starting rotation. If Lee, Happ and Blanton are gone, that make the rotation Hamels and Halliday and three unkown others.

The Phillies are trying to move Blanton for economic reasons, but this may cost the Phillies a lot of wins. It looks like they were looking for one starter before the trade. Now, they are looking for three starters. They have the ancient one, Jamie Moyer, but it’s doubtful he can be effective over an entire season. Even with Moyer in the rotation, they will need two more starters from within or outside the organization.

I’m thinking that this trade may backfire for the Phillies. We’ll see.

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