What Happened to Nature on the Way to Modern Civilization?

by Mike on August 23, 2010

What Happened?

I gasped in awe when I walked outside of my Ormond Beach, Florida home a few nights ago and turned to looked at the moon in the southern sky. A very bright moon cast a brilliant light on the clouds taking my breath away.

Tonight, I walked out a few minutes ago and the same moon was painting feather clouds with a beautiful white light. I was stopped in my tracks again.

These brilliant inspiring events got me to thinking. What happened on the way to the way we live today? As a matter of course we are tucked away in our homes and our cities without consideration for the grandeur of nature. We make parks and build houses with views, but few of us experience nature in our homes or offices. Oh, we have plants in the house and office and trees in our yards, but it seems more like museum pieces than living with nature.

Everywhere I’ve lived, even the barren high plateau of western Wyoming, I’ve been awed by the natural beauty of nature. This is not some nostalgia, but a respect for beauty and power. I am inspired by nature.

I’m wondering when we as a society, as a country and civilization decided to isolate ourselves from nature. It seems in the same spirit of eating food products instead of natural foods. We are consuming nature products rather than nature.

Who Decided to Block Out the Sky?

Who decided that out homes should have roofs that block out the sky? I feel so much different when I’m outside with the immensity of the sky overhead, don’t you? That’s one of the big reasons I love to golf. I love the big sky. I think it would be wonderful if instead of roofs, we had designed open skies into our lives. Maybe someday we will.

I try to spend at least a few minutes outdoors everyday, longer if I can. Even in the brutal heat of Florida in the late summer, I need to make time for those few minutes of sunshine and moon glow everyday.

I have in mind that my next home will be more open to nature. Now, if I can find it great. If not, I may have to create and build it.

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