Philippine Jeepney Art Photo

by Mike on January 9, 2010

Photo of the Day – Philippine Jeepney Art Photo

An art photo? Well, it’s nowhere close to the original image. The original photo was of a Jeepney driving along the Tagatay Highway in Santa Rosa in the Philippines.

Philippine Jeepney Art Photo

Philippine Jeepney Art Photo

Let’s talk about Jeepneys for a bit. After WWII, transportation in the Philippines was scarce, but there were plenty of Jeeps left behind by the US military. The Filipino answer was to take the surplus Jeeps and convert them into a public transportation vehicle.

These vehicles are everywhere I’ve gone in the country. They are one of the main means of transportation. I’ve seen 25-30 people jammed into and on a Jeepney. With a Jeepney, bus and tricycle, you can get to just about anywhere. The tricycle is another story for later, but think of a 100-125cc motobike with a covered side cart and you get the idea. I’ve seen 8 people on one these tricycles and my Filipino friends tell me they have seen 10 people.

Santa Rosa is about an hour south of Manila, the capital. I shot this photo from a moving van with my Olympus E-520. I got a lot of practice doing that every day going back and forth to the plant where I consulted and the hotel.

For the photo enhancements, Adobe Photoshop and Topaz Adjust 3 were used to create the final image. Topaz Adjust is an amazing tool and relatively inexpensive.

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