Dramatic Sunset in Ormond Beach Florida – Colors and Jet Trails

by Mike on January 21, 2010

Beautiful and Dramatic Sunset in Ormond Beach Florida Tonight

It all came together with a drama that only nature can provide. The vapor trails from the jets topped it like whipped cream.

Ormond Beach is on the flight path for many passenger flights. I’ve often passed over my home after flying to Atlanta to catch a flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico. When I looked at the sky at about 4:00 p.m., I thought there was a good chance for a beautiful sunset. I put a kit together, hopped in the Jeep and headed to the beach.  I took 98 photos and I liked about 80 of them. This one thought with the vapor trails from the jets struck me with the color and the streams.

Sunset Ormond Beach Florida 1-20-09

Sunset Ormond Beach Florida 1-20-10

I set up the tripod about 30 minutes before this photo and watched the drama unfold before me. As the sky changed, I shot another photo. For this type of shot, I use a remote shutter release. I used my Olympus E-520 for this shot with the wide angle lens.

The breeze was very light, but the temperature was falling quickly on the beach. I parked at Bicentennial Park north of Ormond by the Sea. There’s a picnic area off the parking area to the west and that’s where I set up. It’s raised a bit so I was able to get a shot over the trees and vegetation.

Camera Info: Olympus E-420, 1/800 sec., f/11, ISO 400, 14mm using a 14-42mm lens.

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