Cool WWII Poster Photos

by Mike on January 7, 2010

World War II Poster Photos

It was a different time. Posters were a popular form of communication and the US government took full advantage. These are cool posters.

For today’s photo of the day, I’ve gone to an outside source. I have RSS feeds that come to me automatically once I select a site’s feed. That’s the button next to the word subscribe in the upper right hand corner of this page. (If you want to know how, comment and I’ll post a how-to.) John Nack from Adobe Systems blogs everyday and often has links to unique photos. A post today by John lead to a link of the photo below:

We Can Do It! WWII Poster

We Can Do It! WWII Poster

This is a great poster from World War II and there are 80 more at Vectortuts. But before you go look, get this. This same poster with different wording is on the cover of the January 2nd issue of The Economist magazine. The words were changed to “We Did It!”

“We did it” means that women are now over 1/2 of the work force worldwide. That’s amazing. When I was growing up, and it wasn’t that long ago, most of the mothers in our neighborhood did not work. Now, it’s rare to find a women under retirement age who doesn’t work.

Anyway, back to the photos. Enjoy them, I did.

Photo Attribution: / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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