Cold January Florida Blue Sky – Photo

by Mike on January 6, 2010

Photo of the Day – Cold January Florida Blue Sky

It was a cold and breezy Florida afternoon that gave us the gift of this beautiful blue sky. OK, cold in Florida at 4 pm is 47 degrees. Last night was 27 and tonight is forecasted to be about 25.

I was stopped by this blue sky when I took the dogs outside. This is the kind of sky that clear cold weather brings us. I went back inside and grabbed the Olympus E-520 and took this photo.

Cold Florida January Blue Sky

Cold Florida January Blue Sky

Normally, I might of jumped into the Jeep and drove to the river or the beach to get a different shot, but I’ve been sick for the past six days and this was about as far as I was going to go. The late afternoon sun helped highlight the palm tree that gives evidence of the shot being taken in Ormond Beach.

Not all photos need to be great to be memorable or descriptive. This photo will remind me of this day long after it’s gone. When I said earlier that I was stopped by the sky, that’s very important to me. It’s saying Wow, look at this. Sometimes this happens and I immediately start to think like a photographer and judging the scene for how the photo will look.

I wrote an article that touches on this idea on Christmas Day – Does Photography Keep The Photographer From Seeing and Feeling? This time I saw before I even thought to shot the image. I was pleasantly surprised by the blue sky. This may not have happened if I went looking for a photograph. It all part of the exploration.

Photo Details: Olympus E-520, 160 sec, f/8.0, ISO 100, 39mm using 14-14mm lens.

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