Breakfast Filipino Street Style – Photo of the Day

by Mike on January 20, 2010

Breakfast in the Philippines – Oh, So Casual

These gentlemen decided that it’s breakfast time. Why not right here?

I took 16 trips to the Philippines over a 16 month period starting in September 2008. These gentlemen were often eating their breakfast on the road when I passed by on the morning drive to the office. I do mean literally on the street. It’s a wide lightly traveled street and these men used a part of it for their makeshift kitchen and dining room.

Sometimes there was a dog with them and sometimes there were five people.

Filipino Street Breakfast

Filipino Street Breakfast

There are a good number of residental developments along this street outside of Santa Rosa in Laguna. These men and many others work as landscapers and maintenance men at the developments. These are upscale homes, especially for the Philippines. They are gated with armed guards. That’s not unusual in the Philippines. 7-11 and Starbucks have armed guards too.

These workers make about six dollars a day if they’re lucky. Some will make less. They travel long distances for the work. My driver makes about six dollars a day through the hotel. He lives in a 380 square foot apartment with his wife, four children and his mother-in-law. Even so, the Filipinos I’ve met are very friendly and love to have fun. Several have become good friends. I generally enjoy my time there.

I took this shot through the window of a moving van. I found that 1/250 second shutter speed is about as slow as I could go to get anything close to a sharp photo. This is not as sharp as I would like, but it’s about the best I was going to do when moving about 15-20 mph.

Camera Info: Olympus E-520, 1/250 sec., F/8.0, ISO 200, 150mm.

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