Why You Need a Custom Business Blog

by Mike on December 29, 2009

Why You Should Have a Custom Business Blog

Is your business like anyone else’s business? Do you do business the same as your competitors? Is there any difference between you and your competitors?

A business blog is a serious tool that must:

  1. Reflect your unique message
  2. Capture and keep the viewers attention
  3. Be consistent with your other marketing efforts

Reflect Your Unique Message

Your business is unique and all of your promotional, marketing and sales materials should support your unique message. If you haven’t figured out what’s unique about your business, you really should consider doing so now. If you don’t have a unique message, a unique personality or something to cut through the noise and information overload we are all experiencing, then your messages are going to fall short.

Capture and Keep Viewers Attention

Your blog must capture and keep attention in a way that your market appreciates. You capture attention with attractive and unique design, great headlines and being just different enough to stop people in their tracks. James Joyce called it Artistic Arrest.

The custom blog should be designed to arrest your customer’s attention. When they come to your blog, you must stop them long enough for them to receive your message, a message that they are looking for. That message is not, “Thank you for coming to our blog/website. We at XYZ company, blah, blah, blah.”

The message should lead them to solving their biggest problem.  For instance, a mortgage lender might start with “You don’t need perfect credit to get a home loan.” Then lead on with, “Find out how you can get a low down payment loan within 30 days.”

If they are looking for a loan, and don’t have perfect credit, you’ve got them. If you start with, “We been in business for 12 years,” and so on, you will probably loose them to the back button.

If your blog looks like thousands of others, you are not going to capture attention unless your message overwhelms the viewer.

Your Business Blog as Part of Your Overall Marketing Program

Can you market your business using a blog only? Yes. Should you? That depends on your market, the competition and your resources. However, I can say with full confidence that if you don’t have a blog as part of your marketing, you are making a mistake.

Your blog can be the medium to communicate with your market in a way you have never been able to do before. It can also provide your market with information that differentiates you from the competition. You can run specials, contests and more. It is a flexible tool that can be customize to your market today.

Your business blog must be consistent with all your other materials, but not the same. It could enhance what you are doing in other mediums, or it can be the lead. Regardless it must fit.

Customize For Maximum Effectiveness

A business blog is a serious business tool and should be treated that way. Throwing up a blog can damage your business more than it helps. The first time a new viewer comes to the blog, think of it as an audition. If they don’t find what they are looking for, or their attention is not captured, they will probably never come back. You fail the audition. On the other hand, if they find what they are looking for, they can be guided to the action that you lead them to take.

How Do You Customize?

You can do it yourself, if you’re qualified to do so, or you take the time to learn. But, let’s face it, you probably don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it right. You will probably need to hire the work out. I am in the final planning stages of a business that will include building custom blogs. We should be live in February or March. In the meantime, seek proof before hiring someone. Make them show you examples. Be sure what they are telling you makes sense.

The blog is a tool that causes some action that you desire from your customer. That may be to visit you, call you, email you or place an order. Make sure that your business blog is designed and customized to do just that.

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