Music, Movie and Book Marketing – An Amazing Article

by Mike on December 17, 2009

An Amazing Must Read Article on Music , Movie and Book Marketing

I just finished reading an article from the November 28-December 4 issue of The Economist. If you are in business, this is a must read article. I don’t say this lightly.

I just sent a copy of the article, A World of Hits to my son David, who is an inspiring film maker and screenwriter, but this article is important regardless of the business you are in.

Basically, the article says that if you are in the middle, between hits and small niches, you are in trouble. In movies, this means that between the blockbuster hits and the small niche audiences is nowhere.

Part of the idea is that of the casual viewer, listener or reader will buy what is the most well known and most popular. If a person reads only one book this year, it may very likely be Dan Brown’s, The Lost Symbol. On the other end of the spectrum is the narrow enthusiast, or in this case the avid reader. They will read less acclaimed books, but they are very much more critical and demanding.

The article disputes the claims of the long tail that was put forth in Chris Anderson’s book a few years back. That idea was that 50% or so of sales of any product type will come from less popular products. That seems to be true, but the distribution is different. Within the 50% or so of the “long-tail,” most of that will come from a sub-group within the long-tail, not the entire long-tail.

The message is either create product hits or service the enthusiast. That’s where the profits are. The middle ground is the most competitive and the least profitable. I like to think of it as me-too marketing and service. Read the article to learn more. I hope it prods you to think…

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