Do You Want Web Traffic or Customers?

by Mike on January 19, 2010

Focus on Customers Not Web Traffic

Web traffic does not buy anything. Customers buy – an individual person taking an action. Who our buyers are is much more important than bringing inĀ  large numbers of people who will never buy. Seems to simple, doesn’t it. Why then is it so often ignored?

Who Buys Your Product or Service?

I’ve been doing real estate marketing for a long time. The ideal customer I want is the one who has made the decision to buy a home or condo, or, to sell their home or condo. That’s more important than it might seem at first glance. Here’s why: by defining my ideal customer, I can answer the most important question that will put our business in front of them. That questions is, “What does the customer who has made the decision to buy or sell their home want and need most?”

Obviously, there are two different questions here because buyers and sellers will be looking for different things. But, that’s OK, we made our choice to focus our marketing on buyers first and then once that was going well, maintain and switch our focus to sellers.

I’m not going to walk through all the steps and the answers to our primary question. Why? Because the results have been too good and I consider much of it to be trade secrets. That shouldn’t hold you back in any way tough because the process is the same regardless of the market.

Give Your Paying Customers What They Want

You paying customers want and need specific things in your market. It’s your job to figure out what and then give it to them. How do you give your paying customers what they want?

What your customers want and need depends on the market, but it’s usually based around a few common factors:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Service

Oh, that’s too simple. It’s so simple that few have taken to creating a business where the customer says to you, “It’s a pleasure doing business with you.”

Are you and your company easy to do business with? Is it a pleasure to deal with you and your organization? Quality, price and service are from the customers point of view, not your.

Now You Can Drive Paying Customers

Once you know what your paying customers want, and you have created a system and organization to give them what they want and need; have made it easy to do business with you; and your pricing, quality and service are competitive, you are ready to bring customers to your web site to do business.

That web site will do all the things that your paying customers want and need. Your content will be focused on your customer’s wants and needs. You will be laser focused on meeting those needs and making it super easy to navigate your site and do business with you. I’ll talk about marketing to benefits instead of features in another post. You will be selling the benefits of your products and services and the pleasure doing business with you without saying that directly.

Because you know what the paying customers want, you will target your traffic around the benefits of those factors. From keyword selection to content selection to product and service delivery you will focus on specifics. If you use pay-per-click, you will be focused on paying customers, not traffic.

The Most Secret Secret of Search Engine Rankings

I’m not overselling this when I say it’s a secret. Because the world of search engine optimization is so focused on number one rankings, content frequently suffers because of the focus on rankings and traffic.

If your content is super focused on you paying customer’s wants and needs, you don’t need to rank number one for a keyword. You just need to rank higher than anyone else who is providing what the customer wants and needs. Consider your personal buying habits. When you really want to buy something, when you are ready, do you keep clicking until you find the site that gives you what you want? I do.

When I’m just looking or browsing, I don’t care nearly as much. When I’m ready to buy, I will go to the second page, third page or further to find the site that is giving me what I want and need.

Save Yourself Time and Money

Give the paying customer what they want and need! I’ve said paying customer over and over again. Focus on people who buy. Figure out how they buy? Why they buy? Then give them exactly what they want. This is the traffic you want – buying traffic.

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