Mr. Brown Goes to Washington – Now What?

by Mike on January 20, 2010

Scott Brown (R) Elected to US Senate – What’s Next?

Republicans rejoice at Scott Brown senate win in Massachusetts. Do they get what happened? Yes, Scott Brown running as a Republican beat Martha Coakley running as a Democrat. After winning the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, I am concerned that the Republicans think that they are getting the support of the people. I think they are dead wrong.

The Democrats control the White House and both houses of Congress. They control all three because many Republicans were voted out. The kick out the Republicans show was so bad that the Democrats gained a super majority in the Senate making it fillibuster proof and robbing the Republicans of a major tool in fighting a complete Democrat Party revision of the US. Mr. Brown’s election removes that super majority putting Democrat forced programs such as the current health care bill, and cap and trade in serious jeopardy of dying.

The message, as I understand it, is that voters are completely frustrated with both parties, but they are most frustrated with the party in power.

Is Scott Brown Really a Republican?

By every indication, Scott Brown seems to be a moderate running under the Republican banner. If he ran as a staunch Republican in Massachusetts, I don’t think he would have been elected. Now, when he gets to Washington, I hope he doesn’t buy into party politics. There is no doubt that he will be attacked by party “leaders” and told the details of his new job. I hope he tells them to take a hike.

Scott Brown was elected based on a middle of the road moderate stance that is against big government and for fiscal responsibility. He made his position clear during his campaign, but that doesn’t mean anything until he starts voting. Remember the promises that Barack Obama made and is now systematically breaking. Mr. Brown will be up against a lot of pressure to cave to party and partisan politics. Please, Mr. Brown, live up to your promises.

What or Who Did Massachusetts Elect?

Politicians on their way to Washington seem to drink some elixir that convinces them that the people elected them instead of their stated positions and promises. This is a very strong elixir because it make the politician think that if they elected me, then I can change my position and break my promises. The whole system is set-up to reinforce this belief. Special treatment, big budgets for staff, and expensive benefits are designed to make the newly elected politician feel he is important. As he or she embraces that importance, they forget about why they were elected.

Please Mr. Brown. Stick to your guns. Fulfill your promises and don’t become a party hack.

Warning to Republicans

The American people are not ready to drink the Republican KoolAid. You were voted out during the past few elections for reasons that have not changed. The only thing you have going is that the Democrat are equally inept at meeting the real needs of the real people who actually vote. Special interest groups and lobbyist will only get you so far. They may make you rich, but they won’t get you into office or keep you in office. Voters are still needed for that.

The majority of Americans are in the middle and that’s the battle that is raging right now. Create your agenda around the needs and desires of the majority of the people and forget about special interests and lobbyist. They want less government and less interference in their lives. They would like to keep more of the money that they work hard to make and feel good about living in this country again.

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