Health Care Spending vs. Life Expectancy – USA Out of Control

by Mike on January 18, 2010

US Health Care Spending Against Life Expectancy is Out of Control

If you spent more on health care, a lot more than any other country, you would expect life expectancy to be at or near the top. Wouldn’t you? Well? Not even close.

I just had surgery on the 12th to remove a growth from my eyeball. I’ve been fighting the pain and blurry vision for the past five days, so I haven’t been posting much. I’m only good for about 45 minutes a day of computer time. Before going to bed, I checked my RSS Reader and checked out a link from John Nack of Adobe System to a graph of health care expenditure vs. life expectancy for countries from around the world.

The short sad story is that in 2007 the US spent an average of $7,290 and had a life expectancy of about 78 years. Japan spent $2,581 with a life expectancy of almost 83 years. Mexico at the bottom, spent $823 for a life expectancy of about 75 years. That means that for about 3 extra years of life we spend almost nine times more than the Mexicans.

Where is all the money going if it’s not helping us to live longer? We are certainly not getting the biggest bang for money spent. Maybe the American lifestyle is costing that much more to maintain, but something is very much wrong. And now, the government wants to run health care. My guess is that before the end of the decade, we will be spending $15,000 on average per person and Mexican life expectancy will be higher than the US.

Be sure the check out the graph to get the full visual impact.

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